Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fliffr?

Fliffr is a marketplace app where talented people and customers can meet, through LIVE-video. We want to enable everyone to make money of their talent in a flexible way.
Our goal is to gather as much talent as possible in one place and make it available to everyone, everywhere.

How do I Earn money on Fliffr?

Fliffr uses #tags to describe different talents and skills. A few examples: #therapy #fashionstylist #techsupport #languageteacher.

You set your own price/minute and different tags can have different pricing allowing for maximum flexibility.

How do i get started with Fliffr?

Start by downloading the app from Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, it is free to use.
Create an account using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn or e-mail.
Earn money right away, Learn a new skill, get expert advice or simply discover something new today!

What is a #tag?

A #tag is a short description of your talent, skill or a unique identifier that allows customers to find and book you.

Which devices are compatible with Fliffr?

As of now Fliffr works on Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.

How much does it cost to use Fliffr?

Fliffr is free to download and use. The only costs are the actual cost associated with a paid live session for the customer and platform fees for the seller.

When will I receive my money earned on Fliffr?

We handle payouts directly to your bank account. You can add any US, UK or EU account in your profile.

What can I sell on Fliffr?

Fliffr is an open marketplace and we don’t want to exclude any service as long as it’s in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Illegal activities, disturbing content or misuse will result in account deletion.

Will I get a receipt after buying a session?

Yes. A receipt is sent to your registered email address. You can also find a summary of your latest sessions under “history”.

Are Fliffr payments secure?

Fliffr payments are 100% secure and we never save or handle sensitive card data. Our payment service provider (Stripe) handles all transactions from and between accounts

I don't receive emails from Fliffr, why?

Make sure the email hasn’t got stuck in your spam filter. If you still can’t find your email don’t hesitate to contact us at support@fliffr.com

Pay per minute structure

To ensure payment & to handle all use cases Fliffr is a pay per minute service. Prices range from 0 - $100 per minute(or equivalent in your currency).

Video & audio calls

Fliffr has high quality video & audio calls with low latency specially built for remote or on-the-go use. To ensure a good live video experience we recommend a good 4G access or stable Wifi connection.

Secure & fast payment

Fliffr payments are 100% secure and we never save or handle sensitive card data. Our payment service provider(Stripe) handles all transactions from and between accounts. Payouts are in your bank account within 2-7 business days(Depending on region).